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sustainability - Big Blue Studios





In Big Blue Studios, in our ongoing efforts to less consumption of energy and natural resources, we aim:


to reduce energy consumption,

 to reduce water consumption,

 to reduce waste generation,

to promote the use of renewable resources and materials that are less harmful

to the environment, and environmental awareness and information.



Thus, in order to achieve the above objectives, we follow the following actions:



 Use power saving bulbs

Using magnetic cards (smart cards) and switches

Stop the air conditioning automatically when windows are open

Use power saving bulbs for the outdoor space

Use technical and physical shading to naturally reduce the temperature

Use organic products for cleaning and disinfection

Use of ecological painting colors

Use filters for economy and water reducers in  bathrooms

Waste bins in toilets where visitors are encouraged to use them instead of the toilet

Using biodegradable toilet paper 




5% discount is applied to bookings made more than 150 of days before the start date of the booking.

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